Audio Pancakes Advertising (new episodes are released on Fridays)

$15 per episode for one name mention and one :30 second commercial
6 available slots (3 name mentions and 3 commercials = 3 advertisers total)
one name mention and one :30 commercial for both (2) “Game Time’ features
one name mention and one :30 commercial for ‘Scrambled Song’ tease at end of podcast)

$10 per episode for full show sponsorship with 1 name mention at start of podcast

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*This is an introductory rate. Prices will increase as downloads increase*

On The Air Productions

On The Air Productions offers 'versatility in voice overs' with a 21-54 year old sound that fits perfectly for both the male or female demographic. On The Air Productions specializes in the teen to young adult to middle aged male voice. Check out the Podcast here.

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